NC Total Tooling System

Nikken has been developing and manufacturing Tooling Systems for over 50 years.
Nikken offers a wide lineup of high-rigidity and high-accuracy products that can handle all kinds of machining applications, including a milling chuck series, a collet chuck series, a tool holder series with dampening mechanisms, and boring systems.
You can also use streamline tooling equipment, such as angular heads and high speed spindle speeders, to maximize the capacity of your existing machine tools.

Rust-proof treatment (RPT) is available for Nikken standard products.
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Controlling rust using rust!

The RPT tool has been provided with excellent protection treatment against rust and corrosion.
A rust-proof and corrosion-proof coating film made of tri-iron tetroxide (Fe3O4) and ferric oxide (Fe2O3) is used to cover the tool surfaces. This coating penetrates the inside base material of the tool from its steel surface so that it can provide a resilient rust-proof and corrosion-proof effect. This rust-proof treatment is prescribed by the U.S. MIL standards (MIC-C-13924).