NC Total Tooling System

Nikken has been developing and manufacturing Tooling Systems for over 50 years.
Nikken offers a wide lineup of high-rigidity and high-accuracy products that can handle all kinds of machining applications, including a milling chuck series, a collet chuck series, a tool holder series with dampening mechanisms, and boring systems.
You can also use streamline tooling equipment, such as angular heads and high speed spindle speeders, to maximize the capacity of your existing machine tools.

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CNC Rotary Table Series

Nikken’s one-of-a-kind carbide worm system uses a worm
screw made of carbide.
The system has an extremely long life.
From compact model to the five-axis large
model, the extremely high-rigidity Nikken CNC Rotary
Table has been produced by applying
consolidated know-how acquired over years of experience.
Nikken possesses world-class technologies for
producing high-quality, high-wear resistant,
and high-rigidity rotary tables.

List of Products CNC Rotary Table Series

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Reamer Series

Nikken Reamer Series guarantees extremely long life and
high-level finish surfaces for difficult-to-cut materials. This is
achieved by paying meticulous attention to the
spiral shape. Nikken can deliver solutions for
many different reaming requirements, taking
advantage of the full strength of the company’s
top share in the Japan market and a wide-ranging
lineup that can handle any kind of application.

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Conventional Tooling System

Even as NC machine tools dominate the market,
there will always be a need for conventional tooling systems.
We design Conventional Tooling Systems through
“research every day,” with a commitment to total
ease of operation and extremely high durability.
Try our Conventional Tooling Systems, which provide
highly reliable use for a long service period.

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Tool Presetter

"elbo NIKKEN" tool presetters are the trump card
to improve the machine operation rate and productivity
by externalizing the process of tool measurements
that was previously done inside the machine itself.
All tool presetters utilize high-precision granite for
the column and base to insure the best thermal stability.
From entry level to high production models, their wide
product range can suit the needs of all customers.

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