CNC Rotary Table Series

CNC type series (φ100-φ1600) and 5AX type series (φ100-φ1200) rotary tables are available.
A special alloy steel worm screw with excellent shock resistance is adopted for small-size rotary tables to extend their service life and realize high cost effectiveness.
On the other hand, the extremely rigid and high-speed rotation-capable carbide worm screw is adopted for large-size rotary tables to withstand severe usage and maintain its accuracy almost permanently.
Nikken Carbide Worm Screw Systems have world-class durability, accuracy, and rigidity.
CNC Rotary Table Series

End of CNC Rotary Table Repair Service and Maintenance Service for Nikken Controllers

■Notice of end of CNC Rotary Tables repair services
We have been providing repair services for discontinued CNC Rotary Tables, but it has been more than 20 years since the following models were discontinued and it is difficult to obtain maintenance parts for them.
Therefore,we ended the repair acceptance as of 04.04.2022.
These CNC Rotary Tables have outdated machine specifications such as rapid traverse speeds, etc.
Please select CNC Rotary Table with the latest functions from this catalog as a replacement.


・CNC100, 150, 170, 200, 201, 230, 250, 300, 320, 320V, 400V, 500V, 600V, 800V
*CNC200T is not covered for the time being and will continue to be maintained.
・5AX-120, 170, 200, 300

■Notice of End of Nikken Controller's Maintenance Services
With regard to Nikken controllers, maintenance work has continued as long as it has been possible to procure the electrical components used.
However, we will no longer provide maintenance services for the following controllers as it is no longer possible to procure the parts used.
Please consider switching to CNC Rotary Tables with AR21 Controller.

・April 2005: End of maintenance work ND5000, 8000DC, 8800DC, 9000DC for CNC Rotary Tables
・April 2005: End of maintenance work NSV Controller for NSV Index Tables
・April 2013: End of maintenance work 8800DX,8800AX for CNC Rotary Tables
・April 2013: End of maintenance work 8-AC Controller for CNC Rotary Tables
・April 2021: End of maintenance work NEC α Controller for CNC Rotary Tables