NC Total Tooling System

Nikken has been developing and manufacturing Tooling Systems for over 50 years.
Nikken offers a wide lineup of high-rigidity and high-accuracy products that can handle all kinds of machining applications, including a milling chuck series, a collet chuck series, a tool holder series with dampening mechanisms, and boring systems.
You can also use streamline tooling equipment, such as angular heads and high speed spindle speeders, to maximize the capacity of your existing machine tools.

Rust-proof treatment (RPT) is available for Nikken standard products.
If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Controlling rust using rust!

The RPT tool has been provided with excellent protection treatment against rust and corrosion.
A rust-proof and corrosion-proof coating film made of tri-iron tetroxide (Fe3O4) and ferric oxide (Fe2O3) is used to cover the tool surfaces. This coating penetrates the inside base material of the tool from its steel surface so that it can provide a resilient rust-proof and corrosion-proof effect. This rust-proof treatment is prescribed by the U.S. MIL standards (MIC-C-13924).

Discontinued Products

We finished manufacturing the following products.
Please select the latest alternative product from our catalog.
In addition,We might not be able to repair them as the spare parts shortage.
Please contact us for details.

Product code of the discontinued products

ANQ ON Non-stop tool body AL-M1202 Air line kit (manual)
AL-M12023BS2 Air line kit
BT-BCB BCB boring bar BT-BRB Ring type boring bar
BS50-□□ MAS tooling for straight shank BT50T-□□ Tooling for Toshiba Machine turning center
BTP50-□□ Tooling with bottle grip shank for SNK BT-BL□□ Balance cut boring bar
BT-LB□□ LB adjustable arbor for large diameter
CAT30S-□□ Tooling for MAKINO CBT□□-□□ Combination tool
CG German coolant nozzle BT-CV CV chuck
DAC Double cut boring bar for large diameter DCD-□□ Tooling for Hitachi machine drilling center
DK□□-□□ Drill mate collet DS□-□□ DS type boring head
BT-DW□□ Double angle chuck (Drill mate chuck)
EBA-□□-□□ BCB boring bar for National Taper EBK-□□-□□ BCB boring bar with straight shank
EBM-□□-□□ BCB boring bar with morse taper shank EBR-□□-□□ BCB boring bar with century taper
EBT-□□-□□ Quick-change BCB boring bar
BT-GSK□□ Old high speed slim chuck
HA-□□-T□□ Flange type quick change holder BT-HC□□ Hydraulic mill milling chuck
HNA-□□ Tooling with (1-8UNC) bottle grip shank tooling for Hitachi seiki HNB-□□ Tooling with (1-8UNC) bottle grip shank tooling for Hitachi seiki
HNC-□□ Tooling with (M24) bottle grip shank tooling for Hitachi seiki HSK□□-GSK□□ High speed slim chuck
HSK□□-NC5- Dream cut holder HTS-□□-□□ Air turbine spindle tool
H□□U(M)-□□ Quick change tooling for flange type
BT-IC300-□□ Air drive angular head HSK-IC300-□□ Air drive angular head
BT-JB JIG boring head BT-JBD JIG boring head
LB LB arbor for large diameter L□□-NPU□□ NPU drill chuck for NC lathe
MBT□□-GSK□□ High speed slim chuck MHP□-□□ Master boring head
MC□□-□□ Milling chuck for straight shank (old code No.) MPA-□□ Tooling with bottle grip shank for Mitsubishi
MTO MT sleeve for oil hole holder
NC□□-□□ Milling chuck with adjustable straight shank NC5-□□-GSK□□ High speed slim chuck
ND□□-JTA Adjustable drill chuck arbor NEB□□-□□ BCB boring bar for adjustable straight shank
NG-□ German stand NBT-NR□□ Air motor spindle tool
NK□□-MT□□ Adjustable morse taper collet
ON□□ ON non-stop tool
PC□□ Pro-cut endmill for straight shank BT-PC□□ Pro-cut endmill
RH□□-BRB□□ Micro cut boring bar for large diameter RH□□-BRS□□ Boring bar with square byte for large diameter
BT-SC□□ Old SC slim chuck SC□□-□□ SC collet
SKN Standard nut for slim chuck SKN-□J J type SK nut for slim chuck
BT-SKZ□□ Slim chuck for tap (with corner) SKZ□□-□□ SK collet for tap (with corner)
SQ□□×□□ Square byte with micro cut ST□□-SK□□ Slim chuck for side lock A type
BT-TA□□ Semi automatic boring head TCL□□ Tool clamper (angle type)
TCP Tool clamping presetter TDC-□□ Tooling for Fanuc tape drill
BT-T□□ Quick change holder for BT shank
BT-UAR Auto reverse facing head UCA□□-□□ Ultra mill milling chuck for national taper
UCR□□-□□ Ultra mill milling chuck for century taper UCT□□-□□ Quick change ultra mill milling chuck
BT-UC□□ Ultra mill milling chuck UK□□-□□ Ultra mill collet
BT-UMS Universal micro sensor BT-UP□□ Base chuck for high speed revolution
UPA Universal boring head UPK□□-□□ UPK collet for base chuck
BT-WE□□ Side lock holder (USA specification) WASP Economy-type tool presetter