Standard Model - Max tool length 600mm

Measuring Range (Diameter in mm):φ400
Measuring Range (Length in mm):600

Max Tool Length: 600mm


Accurate and repeatable measurements can be done for long length cutting tools to extended length boring bars.

Vacuum Tool Clamping System


Regardless of the style or type of pull stud used, the vacuum tool clamping systems will securely hold the toolholder for accurate measurement.

15 Inch Touch Panel Screen


Large touch panel makes learning and operation of the unit intuitive and simple.

Linux Ubuntu Operating System

LINUX UBUNTU operating system allows for a fast start up or shut down process.

Measurement Area Control Mode


With one touch of the panel, this function allows operators to focus on specific measurement points, making measurement of form tools and step tools very easy.

Auto-Radius / Angle Measurement


Auto-measuring function for both radius and angle of tools.

Auto-Targeting Measurement

E460N has Auto-Targeting mode, which automatically captures the maximum points for X & Z axis. Fast and accurate measurements can be accomplished with minimal or no fine adjustment.

Tool Inspection - 30 X Zoom


Thorough and detailed inspection is capable due to the high power 30x zoom camera. Clarity is also intensified with the ability to adjust the intensity of the LED lights and background color.

Tool Management Software


Tool Management Software is pre-installed. Management of tool measurements is possible without connecting to a PC or a network. Being compatible with multiple post processors, measurements can also be easily
transferred to various machining centers.

DYMO Label Printer (Optional)


DYMO Label Printer can be connected with the machine.(Optional)

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