Download Update Files

E460N Tool Presetter
Update file Ver.3.0

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Tool Presetter E460N

Update Procedure

  • Click "Download" above, and then save the update file to your computer.
  • Copy the saved file (elbo_upgrading_v30.tar.gz) directly to a USB flash memory without uncompressing it. (It is fine to save the file directly to the USB flash memory in Step 1.)
  • Start the E460N tool presetter.
  • After E460N starts, press the red button in the lower right corner of the screen to terminate the measurement software.
  • Make sure the Desktop screen is showing, and then insert the USB flash memory that contains the update file into the USB port on the back of the unit.
  • When the Installation Start dialog box appears on the screen, select "YES" to start the update.
  • After a few seconds, the Update Complete dialog box will be displayed. Press "OK" to exit.
    Double-click the measurement software icon to start the measurement software.

E346I Tool Presetter
Update file Ver.2.05

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Tool Presetter E346I

Update Procedure

  • Verify that the current firmware version is 2.0.
    After the software update, the mechanical origin data stored on the E346I will not be recognized as valid (CHK mechanical error), and will have to be deleted.
    This process is intended to clarify the procedures and methods for quickly and safely restoring lost information when upgrading the E346I firmware from Ver. 1.xx Ver. To 2.xx.
    For instructions after updating the TD346 software, see Section 11 of the instruction manual.
  • Install the TD346 software on a Windows PC, and then use the included USB cable to connect the E346I presetter to the PC. Make sure the software is synched with the information on the presetter.
  • Click the BIOS button to upload the new firmware file "e346_fw_v2**.bios".Make sure you do not unplug the cable from your PC until the upload is completed.
  • Click the OK button on the E346I screen.
  • Click OK again to restart E346I.
  • After the software is uploaded, a mechanical origin database error will be reported.
  • Press OK to proceed.
  • While maintaining the connection with the PC, restore the mechanical origin database and tool set data, and then click the button to export the data to the TD346 software.
  • This completes the update procedure. The data in the E346I memory will be restored.
    After verifying that the update is completed, disconnect the cable from the PC.