Privacy Policy

The personal information of our customers is handled according to the following policies.

1.The use of personal information is limited to the following purposes:

・To respond to questions, requests for documents, and other customer inquiries

・To provide maintenance support

・To accept job applications, schedule information sessions, and process similar requests

2.We will strive to manage personal information in the following manner:

・We will strictly manage personal information in accordance with our policies, and all possible measures will be taken to maintain the security of our information systems.

・We will strive to prevent the leakage, alteration, or loss of our customers' personal information by taking all appropriate safety measures.

・We will comply with the laws of Japan and other regulations related to the handling of customer personal information.

3.As a general rule, personal information is not used except for the purposes listed in 1.

No customer's personal information will be provided to third parties without the customer's consent.

However, this does not apply in cases where cooperation with official bodies is required by law.