Nikken Brand

Five Concepts for Embracing
theNIKKENBrand Name That
Contribute to Developing a Bright Future

Nikken owns a large number of patents in Japan and overseas for its products.
The products the company produces have created a top brand recognized by users all over the world.
Nikken has been able to accomplish this by practicing “research every day” (literal meaning of our company name “Nikken”) and by making a constant effort to perfect our products.

Here we introduce the five concepts for improving the Nikken brand values to which we have consistently committed ourselves since the company’s founding.


Commitment to“added value”

The practice of “every day research a (literal meaning of our company name “Nikken”) starts from always adding originality and innovative ideas for “added value” to all products that we develop and manufacture.
Nikken’s employees have a simple and honest approach to product development--“Identify a weakness in a conventional product and find a solution for improvement” and “Add the scientific approach to dogged determination to create a new kind of perseverance.”
All of our employees have this attitude, and this contributes significantly to building the Nikken brand.


Invisible technologies lead to a relationship of trust

Carbonizing and sub-zero treatment prevent deterioration over time in tooling products.
An ion-nitriding process is applied to a number of Nikken products, such as worm wheels for CNC Rotary Tables and Tough-cut Skill Reamers, to improve both wear resistance and sliding performance.
Such invisible and innovative technologies in our products lead to a relationship built with our customers.


An “outstanding supporting role” that illuminates the lead!

Alone, our products cannot work; but as support tools, they help to create products of exceptional value.
Our products must continue to support players with a distinct presence. This can be accomplished by listening to the views of our customers and delivering technologies and creative ideas that improve the value of their products and their productivity.
We find the highest satisfaction in knowing that our product (is the difference that) makes a customer’s product valuable. That is the way of Nikken!


Full-fledged “global network”

Nikken has local production bases in 14 major countries around the world to assure that standard tooling systems, CNC Rotary Tables, and other tools, as well as maintenance parts, are always in stock and service engineers are available.
In addition, authorized distributors have been established in various countries in Southeast Asia, South America, and Oceania, etc., to improve the company’s corporate value on a global scale.


Our greatest asset is people!

“Human resource management”
We believe that developing and investing in human resources who can share a feeling of satisfaction based on our corporate philosophy hold the key to be the successful creation of new and better products.
Nikken works on human resource development by upgrading the work environment so that all employees can make strides in continuous effort, and work on product development with genuine pride. At the same time, the company is moving ahead with further diversification and globalization of its business by creating a dynamic workplace where a diverse workforce can fully demonstrate its abilities, regardless of gender, nationality, (and so on.)