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Aiming to play a key supporting role for the world's leading manufacturers

Since our foundation in 1958, Nikken Kosakusho has tried to perfect the machining of materials. We serve the machine tool market, where precision is everything. The art of machining is something we develop and research every day to meet the high expectations of Japanese automotive manufacturers and other businesses who are top players around the world. The success of our research every day have led to new solutions that include milling chucks and other tooling, CNC rotary tables, and reamers. We are proud to have contributed to the of manufacturing around the world.

The Nikken name derives from the Japanese phrase for "research every day." As we say at Nikken, "Our attitude and spirit are based on every day's research to contribute to the industry of tomorrow with our technologies and ideas." This is the unchanging starting point for Nikken Kosakusho and the philosophy underlying Nikken spirit.

Message from the President

Having mastered machining, we look to new challenges

At one time, making "good products" was enough to help customers grow the scale of their markets. But the times are changing. Going forward, manufacturers will need solutions that offer processing innovations (more precision and better ability to work with hard-to-machine materials) and cost savings (lower costs and higher efficiency).

At Nikken, we understand that the times require customized solutions. We need to offer solutions for the customer's existing innovations and the best fit for the individual customer.
At the same time, we wish to take the machining technologies we fostered working with automobile manufacturers and apply them for the aircraft market and other new users. We want to give our customers new value when requiring a higher level of cutting, such as working with heat-resistant and hard-to-machine materials.

A uniquely Nikken global strategy

Nikken was one of the pioneers to expand our operations to Europe, America, China, and other countries. As such, we now have users around the world. In future, Nikken's globalization will take a "market out" approach on a global level our ideal. This means that we will incorporate market information into our development initiatives (in addition to establishing sales bases). Up to now, Nikken has not had any production bases outside Japan, but we wanted respond to customer feedback better. In short, we asked ourselves, "How can we get closer to our customers?" Our answer was to open Nikken Innovation Centre Europe (NICe) in England in 2015. This facility allows us to integrate knowledge and information from our development teams in Japan and abroad to build better tools. England has a very advanced aircraft market, which gives us more opportunities to pick up information and gain more exposure to industry people and technology. This is one step we have already taken in a new market.

Building tools with new value to contribute to the world's manufacturing craft

Our job, to put it briefly, is building tools. We do not make hobbyists' tools, but capital goods to make other goods. With the tools that we make, users are building goods large and small, from automobiles, airplanes, and power station turbines to smartphones and watch components.
By becoming more closely involved in our customer's manufacturing, we offer them new value and become a part of their story. There is nothing ordinary about our work. In fact, it is wonderful to have the privilege of doing it. That is why we have a sense of mission and try to get close to our customers so that our company can work with them as a team with shared values.

Akiharu Nagahama, President

Akiharu Nagahama, President NIKKEN Kosakusho Works, Ltd.

Message from the President Message from the President